The Rise of Cara Delevingne

Young, vivacious, and supremely talented, Cara Delevingne capped off 2016 with the largest movie blockbuster of the year and a host of public appearances in promotion of her recent accomplishments. The English born actress who rose to fame in the film industry with her lead role in the teen angst movie, Paper Towns, has since built up her resume, taking on jobs including, Suicide Squad, Pan, and the soon to be released Tulip Fever.

While mainstream media recognize her as a superb actress, she originally rose to celebrity as a model working for Storm Model Agency. Delevingne has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Elle, and Allure, as well as plenty of top image hosting sites. However, her peak in the modeling industry came when she walked the runway as a Victoria Secret model.

Recently, Cara took to social media to express her past struggles with depression and anxiety. Appealing to a largely young, female fan base, the effect of her transparency and honesty has struck a chord with those learning to cope with similar battles. Despite her insecurities, she continues to put herself in the spotlight, reuniting in early January with Pharrell Williams for a Chanel campaign.

A multi-faceted, beautiful talent such as Cara Delevingne has impressed upon the people an air of carefree jubilance. If the twenty-four year old continues on this uphill trajectory, she will undoubtedly be a hot topic for years to come, perhaps even leading to a high profile renowned.

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